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Water Generators

- Oct 12, 2017 -

A hydroelectric generating unit is a mechanical device that converts the potential energy of water into electrical energy.

The working principle of hydroelectric generating units: rivers, lakes, etc. are located in the height of the potential energy flow to the low, the turbine into the mechanical energy of the turbine, the turbine and promote the generator power generation, the mechanical energy into electricity.

The hydrogenerator in the hydroelectric generating set is driven by the turbine. The speed of the generator determines the frequency of the alternating current, so stabilizing the rotor speed is critical to ensuring the stability of the frequency. Can take the way closed-loop control of the turbine speed control, that is, to send the AC frequency of the frequency of the signal samples, feedback to control the turbine guide vane opening and closing angle of the control system to control the turbine output power to achieve the generator The purpose of speed stability.

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