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The Birth Of The Saw

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Before Steele appeared, logging was one of the most tired. Northeast China has always been a "four tired" one that, including "pull the big saw." For the "four tired", Steele should be one of the four savior.

Power saw the father

In 1926, the ancestors of Andreas. Steele in Stuttgart near the town of Canstadt established a production of steam boiler fueled equipment. In the same year, invented the world's first saws and began production. In 1959, Andreas was called the "father of power saw" by the world.

"Father of power saw" died in 1973. Enough to make him close his eyes is that in 1971, his business with an annual output of 34 million power saws, back to the world's first - power saw the king's throne.

Hans family

Before the death of his ancestors Andreas, his children have started to take over. Today, the leader of this business is 71-year-old Hans. Peter and his brother and sister: Lu Di Ge, Eva. Mary - Steele and Ge Erqi Eride. And Hans Peter Steele is not only the parent of today's Steele Group, but also can be said to be a banner.

Is always wearing the boundless glasses, hair back to the neatly groom, the father to his business developed into a large group of the world. Not to say that your business invented what you should be the king of this industry. For a long time, the power saw market boss is not Steele. Today, the group is not only the dominant force saw market, but also the production area has long been a high pressure cleaner, lawn mower and other garden machinery. Today, the company has more than 7,000 employees in more than 30 countries around the world, with sales of € 1.5 billion in 2001. The Steele not only invented the saws - power saws, but their power saws are still the world's number one brand name, which is not an easy thing. Is constantly invented and innovated to the power of the saw here for a long time. We may wish to see a few examples: the invention of the world's first saw in 1926; 1950 invention of the world's first gasoline power saw; 1959 launched a sensational Steele Contra series of power saw; 1972 launched a comprehensive supporting safety Facilities; 1989 invented the world's first powered saw with a catalytic device; 1995 launched with inert rotary brake device power saw.

Hans is a person who does not like the vigorous. But for three years, he became a continuation of the German character: he once served as chairman of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHT). During that time, he is a German dignitaries, naturally no longer stealth.

Until the age of 70, he retreated from the position of the president, transferred to the second line of the board of supervisors, a neither a family member, nor the company origin of Harald. Jobus pushed the president, and opened the company's precedent.

He married at the age of 50, so he had seven children today. Usually, he is a cool, near the cold people. Only on Sunday, he would "trouble" something: he used to drive his BMW motorcycle, heading for the rural wilderness. Perhaps he could not have the power to savor the sound of the motor every day, perhaps because his father was banned from driving his motorcycle when he was young, and would he come to experience the rebellious taste? Anyway, this is the way he loosened nerves.

Whether as the chairman of the German business congress, or as the head of the business, Hans and his siblings almost only heard praise. Of course, a small amount of attack is always inevitable, such as: feminists attack his company said that in the company issued the calendar, too much naked skin, and too little saws; or, environmental protection organization against him as the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chairman, the reason is that Steele Group production of power saw also participated in the "murder of the forest" action. The more serious question is that his company has not yet fully paid compensation for the employment of hard labor in the Third Reich.

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