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How Do Chainsaw Sharpeners Work?

- Jun 20, 2018 -

Electric chainsaw sharpeners can be categorised into two basic camps: Stationary Sharpeners and Handheld Sharpeners. Stationary sharpeners are mounted to a bench, and requires some amount of assembly prior to use, just like a cabinet from IKEA. One important safety precaution that has to be observed when operating a bench-mounted stationary model is to shut the motor down before moving the chain along the chain holder. This turn off-move-turn on process has to be repeated when sharpening every single link the chain.

On the other hand, handheld models have a spinning sanding disc that performs the teeth cutting. The guide is appended to the sharpener and helps with the overall accuracy of the sharpening process. However, the slightest inconsistency in the angle of the blade can lead to irregular sharpening grade from tooth to tooth.

One can say that stationary sharpeners provide more precision compared to their handheld counterparts. However, professionals who work out on the field still prefer the portability of the handheld sharpener. There are no outlets in the middle of the forest, and a handheld sharpener is their only answer.

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