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Electric Chainsaw Safety

- Mar 31, 2018 -

  • Always make sure the chain brake is on when you start your chainsaw.

  • Always wear gloves and a face shield when you use your chainsaw.

  • If you’re using a corded model, be aware of where the cord is at all times. Stop the machine immediately if the cord snags or tangles. You don't want to trip over it or cut it.

  • Make sure that the chain is properly tensioned.

  • Never work with a worn or damaged chain.

  • If your extension cord grows hot, it's not the proper amp rating, and you run the risk of burning out the motor. Consult an expert for the correct fit.

 For many homeowners, an electric chainsaw is the best solution. They're less intimidating than gas models because  they're quieter, lighter, and easier to use. They may lack the power of high-end gas models, but unless you're cutting  trees or logs regularly, they offer the most sensible and economical solution in most cases. What's more, with such a  vast array of electric chainsaws available, there should be one out there that's perfect for you.

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