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Code Of Operation For Saws

- Oct 12, 2017 -

First, check the operation before the saw a variety of performance is good, safety devices are complete and meet the operational safety requirements.

Second, check the saw blade shall not have cracks, chainsaw all kinds of screws should be tightened.

Third, the operation to wear protective glasses, standing on the side of the saw blade, prohibit standing on the same line with the saw blade, the arm may not cross the blade.

Fourth, the feed must be close to the mountain, not too much force, the case of hard to slow push. Picking material to be saw blade 15cm. Do not pull hard by hand.

fifth, short narrow material application push stick processing, picking the use of shaver hook, more than the radius of the saw blade of wood, prohibit the saw.

sixth, electric saw maintenance should be power maintenance operations.

seventh, for safety reasons, after use must be removed saw blade.

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