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Advantages And Operating Items Of A Shoulder Carrying Mower

- Jul 03, 2018 -

The transmission device of the shoulder carrying mower is located below the cutter head, so it is also called the lower drive shoulder type lawn mower. In the knives of the shoulder carrying mower, 4~6 cutter heads are arranged in parallel. Each cutter is articulated with 2~6 blades. The blades on adjacent knives are interlaced with each other, and the rotation paths of the blades have a certain overlap. The cutter head is usually driven by a gear, and the steering of adjacent knives is opposite. The structure is compact, and the transmission is stable and reliable. But the cutter head has a higher position because of the transmission device below. To ensure low cutting and reduce heavy cutting, the cutter head usually inclines forward to a certain angle.

The features of the shoulder carrying mower

1. High efficiency: generally, each mower can cut more than 8 * 667m2 of grass per day, which is 16 times more effective than manual mowing (0.5 * 667m2 per day).

2. Fast speed: due to the fast rotation speed of the lawn mower, the cutting effect of the orchard weeds is good, especially the cutting effect of the high-tender weeds is better.General year weeding 3 times, can basically meet the requirement of weeding.

3. Maintain water and soil: artificial USES hoe weeding, because in weeding and loosening the topsoil, so often can lead to a certain amount of soil erosion, on TiKan artificial weeding, caused by soil erosion is more serious.And the use of a lawn mower to remove grass, because only the cut off of the weeds on the ground, almost no impact on the surface of the soil, coupled with the consolidation of grass roots, is extremely beneficial to soil and water conservation.

4. Increase fertility: using mowers mowing, after going to stay weeds grow to a certain height, cut off a lot of weeds can cover the orchard, and when the orchard fertilizer, increase soil fertility.

Using range: applicable to the plains and hills, terraces, orchards, such as triangle size block reeds, alfalfa grass, fish and other kinds of weeds, simple operation, high working efficiency, and (mainly refers to the knapsack lawn mower).Then how to use, the following statement  shoulder carrying mower use specifications and precautions.

The articulated blade on the knives of a shoulder carrying mower keeps its cutting state under the action of centrifugal force when the cutter head rotates at high speed. When the resistance is too high or the obstacle is encountered, the blade is swinging back to avoid damage. The blade can be replaced by the edge after the blade is worn. It is more convenient to replace the blade than the reciprocating lawn mower. In rotary mowers, besides installing similar safety devices with reciprocating mowers, a protective cover is added above the cutter to ensure personal safety.

1. Before cutting grass, the lawn mower must first remove the debris in the cutting area, so as not to damage the head and blade.When starting the engine under the state of cold machine, the air door should be closed first, and then open the air door at the right time after starting.If the lawn area is too large, the lawn mower should not work for more than 4 hours continuously.

2. After using the lawn mower, it shall be thoroughly cleaned.

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