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Why You Should Buy a Pole Saw?

- Sep 11, 2018 -

A pole saw is just like the name sounds, a small chainsaw that is mounted on the end of a pole. This versatile gardening tool can be used for multiple applications: it is ideal for pruning fruit trees, limbing trees, cutting branches from the crown of trees, and cutting through logs for firewood.

1. Extended reach for pruning and cutting

What makes this tool so attractive is its sturdy but slimline telescopic pole that allows you to reach hard to access branches. Some models have a reach of up to 15 feet, which can help you to trim and prune with ease, and there are pole saws that have extra long bars on the chainsaw, up to 10 inches, that can cut through branches up to 7 inches thick and can slice through small logs.

2. Quick and Efficient

With their powerful motors pole saws are quick and efficient and will make those tough gardening chores so easy to complete. Some pole saws have shafts that come in two pieces so that you can use them for hard to reach places above your head, and then you can disassemble the pole to a shorter size for close up pruning work.

Most pole saws are well balanced, which means they are the ideal tool for maneuvering in tight spots. But remember they do have a small chainsaw mounted on the end and a powerful motor so expect them to have some weight.

3. Portable

Most pole saw shafts are made from aluminum or fiberglass, so they are light enough for use around a large property and acreage, and you can use them while you are camping.

4. Multifunctional

Some models offer you extra features that has two cutting tools in one. You can use the pole to prune and trim back branches and then detach the pole to easily chop up the fallen limbs with the chainsaw. Many pole saws can accept other gardening attachments, so they can be used as a blower, hedge trimmer, edger and much more.

5. Automatic Oiler

One thing is for certain, when you are using a chainsaw for an extended period of time, the chain can get rough and may not operate as smoothly as when you first unpacked it out of the box. If you will be using the pole saw quite frequently, then look for a manufacturer that offers an automatic oiler, so that the chain will always be properly lubricated.


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