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What Is An Inverter Generator And How Does It Work?

- Aug 25, 2018 -

An inverter generator is the type of generator that works by connecting to an efficient alternator.The alternator produces the alternating electricity whereby a rectifier is used to convert the alternating current power to direct current. Note that one is expected to use capacitors to smooth out the converted direct current to a given degree. Also, the speed of the generator varies depending on the load which leads to a more lower fuel consumption.

Benefits of inverter generators.GI2000CF.jpg

High power.

The device produces high power outlet that is similar to the electrical outlet.


The generator is manufactured in a small size and light weight that makes it easy to carry the device around and occupy a small storage area.


The fuel consumption of the inverter generator depends on the load. Also, the device is equipped with a throttle that is essential for powering the generator to adjust. The fact that the generator produces power according to the loads, this in return makes the device to produce fewer noises.

Safe to use.

Inverter generator does not produce direct current as it has to convert it to alternating current which causes it to be safe and secure for use.

How do inverter generators work?

Unlike the traditional generators, inverter generators work with an alternator which is essential for producing the phase 3 voltages referred to as alternating current. Then by the use of a rectifier, the high voltage is converted to direct output and later to either voltage 110 or 230 alternating current power. Then the energy is passed out by the use of an inverter in the form of a pure sine wave. The output gives the same power as the one received from the electricity supply hence the name pure sine wave.


So if you require an efficient generator that you can either carry around or use when you have power outage consider buying an inverter generator. It is valid and reliable as well.

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