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Use and maintenance of two-stroke mower

- Jul 03, 2018 -

Use and maintenance of two stroke mower, brush cutter, hedgerow and chainsaw

1. Clean up the work site before using the machine to prevent rocks, wires and other debris in the field from affecting the safety of use.

2. The new machine must be grinded for an hour before use. For every 20-30 minutes of grinding, it needs to be stopped for 5-10 minutes.

3. Use no. 90 or above unleaded gasoline, and use 2-stroke gasoline engine oil. It is strictly prohibited to use pure gasoline.

4. This machine USES gasoline mixed with engine oil. The volume mixing ratio of gasoline to engine oil is 25:1.

5. For every 20 hours of use, butter must be added to the gearbox, transmission box and working class.

6. After using the machine every 40 hours, it must check whether every screw is loose. If it is loose, please make sure to tighten it.

Above is our introduction to the use of two-stroke lawn mower today, I hope it can help you. Tomorrow we will introduce you the use and maintenance of four-stroke mower. Please look forward to it! Thank you!


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