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Types of Pole Saw

- Jul 11, 2018 -

1. Electric Pole Saw

These are Pole Saws that uses electricity to run. The fact that they are driven by electricity makes them very powerful.

They tend to be very light and produce very little noise, if at all they do. For those who love noiseless machines, this can be the best choice for you.

Electric Pole Saw, with 6-8Amp rated motor is more effective in cutting thick branches. Rains can interfere with the usage of these devices.

You may not love this Pole Saws because they are corded. It can be very annoying to drag the cord along while working on your yard. Further, the cord my limit the distance from the power source in which you can trim.

Nonetheless, you can always adjust the length of the cord by connecting an additional cord to the main cord.


Easy to use

Noiseless operations

No fumes

Considerably powerful


The cord limits movement away from away from the power source


2. Gas Pole Saw

Gas Pole SawIts name is suggest that these pole saws users Gas as the powering fuel. Because most people consider as safe and clean, these pole saws are widely used. They boost as the most powerful pole saws in the market.

These Pole Saws offer an excellent performance and you can easily move with them. If you intend to work in a large yards with numerous trees, then this is the right choice of a pole saw for you.

These pole saws operate for long periods of time provided they remain properly maintained. They may emit fumes that can be very disgusting and you got to frequently check the gas levels. Nonetheless, we highly recommend these types of pole saws for heavy duty chores.


Very powerful

Operate for longer hours


Very durable

Perfect for heavy duty chores



Produce fumes

Noisy operation


3. Cordless Pole Saw

These are battery powered pole saws that are very efficient to use as they do away with the cord. The battery can always be charged used and recharged when the battery runs low.

These pole saws are conveniently portable and are environmental-friendly. Moving forward, with the Climate change and degradation of the environment, the environmental friendly machines will take over the market.

They come with battery capacity of 20V or 40V. The limited battery life is posing as a challenge to the use of these machines.

Lastly, the pole saws may seem heavier than electric pole saws, but are definitely lighter compared to the gas pole saws.




Quiet operation

Less weight compared to gas pole saws


Less powerful

Limited battery life

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