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Types of Chainsaws: Gas vs. Electric vs. Cordless

- May 05, 2018 -

The three types of chainsaws are electric, gas and cordless. Gas chainsaws are the most powerful and ideally suited for large tasks, but they require gas and oil and are the loudest and heaviest chainsaws. Electric chainsaws are lightweight and don’t require fuel, but they typically require an extension cord and are best used for light tasks. Cordless chainsaws are powered by a rechargeable battery and can reach various levels of power, depending on the model.



Cordless and easy to maneuver

Larger and heavier

Most powerful chainsaw type

Louder noise

Offer a range of bar lengths

Possess better bar oiling systems

Best suited for heavy-duty jobs such as cutting down a tree

Require gas and oil mix



Easy to start


Lower upfront cost



Don't require fuel

Most need an extension cord

Ideal for light and general purpose tasks such as pruning



Unlimited mobility



Powered by rechargeable batteries

No gas, oil or extension cords required

Most models are comparable with electric chainsaws in terms of power

Some models can reach the power offered by gas chainsaws

Need to be recharged between projects

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