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Gasoline chainsaw maintenance

- Oct 13, 2017 -

At the same time in the busy and don't ignore the maintenance of Gasoline chainsaw, today is mainly to tell everyone about some questions about Gasoline chainsaw the current maintenance, and fuel supply system, cylinder, piston, starting gear, chain saw guide maintenance problems.

一、Maintenance and servicing of fuel supply system.

1. Clean the oil tank and fuel filter regularly, check whether the oil pipe is smooth and aging, and replace it when necessary.

2. Clean the air filter every day, and increase the frequency of washing according to the working conditions.

3. The carburetor is the most important part in the fuel supply system of the oil saw, and the carburetor should be maintained regularly to ensure the smooth and proper adjustment.

二、Cleaning inspection of cylinder and piston.

1. After the oil saw is used for 100 hours, the cylinder and piston shall be cleaned, and the wear of parts such as cylinder body and piston ring shall be checked.

2. Check whether the cylinder wall is scratched and peeled;The piston ring shall be placed in the working area of the cylinder block and the opening clearance shall not exceed 1mm.

3. Check whether the needle roller bearing is damaged.

4. Clean the cylinder block, piston and bearing, and pay attention to removing the top of piston, ring groove, cylinder top, air vent and pressure reducing valve.

5. Lubricate the piston pin hole, needle roller bearing, cylinder wall and so on. The top arrow of the piston is attached to the exhaust port and loaded with the piston pin.

三、Maintenance of the starting device.

1. When replacing the starting rope or starting spring, first release the pre-tightening force of the starting spring.

2. Take care to remove the starting line from the starting spring, so as to prevent the spring from popping out and hurting people.

3. After replacing, apply grease to the starting spring and the starting axle hole before assembly, and then assemble it.

四、Maintenance of chain guide plate.

1. When the chain is worn out, it should be repaired, and it should be carried out in the correct direction, and the Angle of the left and right teeth should be consistent to avoid the deviation when cutting.Ensure the height of the limited teeth is consistent, so as not to beat.

2. After working for a period of time, the guide plate shall be maintained and filed.

3. Check whether the guide wheel turns flexibly;Timing to grease the guide wheel bearing, each time the fuel must be added to the guide wheel bearing high speed compound lithium base grease;Check whether the oil hole of the guide plate is blocked, timely dredge and clean.

4. The guide plate is frequently used to ensure that both sides of the guide plate are worn synchronously to extend the service life;The guide board appears "fly side" "groove" "in time repair file.

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