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The advantage of weeding with a brush cutter

- Aug 23, 2018 -

         The characteristics of the brush cutter are flat, simple operation and strong cutting ability of grass, which is suitable for high-yielding meadows and large parks.
brush cutter relies on the relative shear movement of the cutter on the cutter to cut grass, which is characterized by neat stubble cutting, low power required, but poor adaptability to forage, easy to block, and suitable for the operation of flat natural and artificial grassland.
Production began in the mid-1980s with rotary brush cutter.
Cut grass by the impact of a blade on a high-speed rotary cutter.
With the improvement of science and technology, the working capacity of the newly improved brush cutter products has been enhanced a lot, and the speed has been improved a lot, saving the working time of the weeder and saving a lot of human resources.
Today I'd like to tell you about the advantages of brush cutter, matters needing attention and maintenance.

Advantages of brush cutter

1. High efficiency

In general, each brush cutter can mow more than 8 x 667m2 per day, which is 16 times as effective as manual mowing (0.5x 667m2 per day).

2. Good benefit

Due to the fast rotation speed of the brush cutter, the cutting effect of orchard weeds is good, especially for weeds with high tenderness.
In general, three times a year weeding, basically meet the requirements of weeding.

3. Soil and water conservation

The artificial use of a hoe to hoe the grass, because it loosens the topsoil at the same time, will often cause certain soil erosion. The soil erosion caused by artificial hoeing on the terraces will be more serious.
The use of brush cutter, because only cut out the grass on the ground part, the soil surface has little impact, and the roots of soil cementation, is very beneficial to soil and water conservation.

Increase fertility

Use brush cutter to weed, should wait until the weeds grow to a certain height before proceeding, a lot of weeds cut can cover the orchard, but also as the orchard's organic fertilizer, increase soil fertility.

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