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What is the reason of Gasoline chainsaw can not start or flameout?

- Oct 13, 2017 -

We use the Gasoline chainsaw, will often encounter with a chainsaw after a period of time will not start, or often flameout, the following help you when the chainsaw will not start to.

1. Reflect on the oil circuit and circuit, see if the oil filter is blocked, whether the carburetor can pump the oil properly, whether the spark plug can have electricity, remove the spark plug and put it under the metal, and pull the machine to see whether there is electricity in the spark plug.

2. The air filter is removed, specifically to reflect the air filter can be clean.

3. Remove the carburetor, and then drop a few points of oil into the cylinder, and start a few machines. If you do not, you have to wash the carburetor and change it, initially in the reflection of the cylinder body. Teach you a good way to machine, if the long time does not have the machine, get oil out of tank. Start the machine to burn out the oil of the carburetor and cylinder. In order to prevent the residual oil from blocking the carburetor, the usual cleaning of the air filter, the smooth oil must be better with a smooth effect.


What is the reason of Gasoline chainsaw flameout?


In fact, it can be divided into several kinds of conditions without fire. It is clear in what condition that the fire can not be caught. It is much easier to understand these results and to deal with them.

First, we talk about the basic thoughts: maintenance of chainsaw customer products with symptoms, according to the customer description a deeper introspection and judgment from three aspects: Oil circuit, circuit, cylinder.

The application and symptoms include: the first time to use the time, the environment and the use of the situation.

Oil circuit includes: Carburetor, gasoline filter, oil pipe, equalizer, oil pipe intake pipe and so on.

The circuit includes: The magnetic flywheel igniter, the coil / high pressure high, the spark plug.

Cylinder: Piston, piston ring, cylinder.


The following is to start with the reflection and maintenance steps.


The first step: We will hand pull the chainsaw look at all operating conditions, this can be based on the lost information: there is no identification card cylinder (indirect detection of the presence of austerity and scuffing can experienced), there is no abnormal sound (which can distinguish magnetic flywheel and crankshaft has no damage), start the assembly has no achievements. And change or maintain the components according to the relevant conditions. 

The second step: Discriminant circuit. Remove the spark plug (the spark plug under the air filter cover), to reflect whether the spark plug can accumulate carbon and whether the contact is normal. The spark plug cylinder can discharge partial contact with the crankcase or conductive part, and pull the chain saw, this can reflect the circuit, such as whether there is electricity, the size and discharge distance of electric power can. This step can reflect the spark plug, the coil and the igniter are normal.

The third step: Fingers blocking the internal cylinder spark plug and pull the disc, can reflect whether the cylinder cylinder. Or remove the muffler, see whether there is a cylinder piston mark of muffler from the cylinder at.

The fourth step: Reflect the oil road. Remove the carburetor and clean it, and adjust the carburetor pointer properly according to the condition. Unscrew the fuel cover and reflect the fuel filter head. And reflect on the tubing, the intake pipe and other breakages.

In normal condition, it can be used to change or maintain the spare parts.

In addition, the failure of oil seal, negative pressure pipe (balance pipe), magnetic flywheel and crankshaft, crankcase and equalizer are not rare. It is possible to think when you can't handle the results under the above steps.

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