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How to Use a Gas Powered Pole Saw?

- Aug 10, 2018 -

First and foremost, read the user manual. The best way to get to know your gas-powered pole saw is to read up and find out what features it has.

Safety first! Make sure to inspect the tree you wish to prune and be wary of rotted limbs. Its also very important to wear protective gear, including sturdy footwear, gloves, safety goggles and a hard hat. An unexpected falling limb can do a lot of damage to your property or can cause bodily harm.

Maintain a balanced stance. As stated above, using a gas-powered pole saw can be a heavy task. If you keep your legs squared with your shoulders and maintain a solid stance, the task of pruning trees will be a lot easier.

Select and cut a branch. This guide has great instructions on how you should go about cutting limbs. It recommends beginning a Vcut from the bottom of the branch before employing the same tactic from above. This technique is very important and efficient when tackling branches larger than 4in diameter.

Try not to cut too much of a limb off at once; cut each limb in sections. Once that branch is gone, make a flush cut at the trunk so that cambium can reseal the wound. That way, you wont need to paint the tree after you prune.

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