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How to judge the chainsaw engine scuffing of cylinder bore phenomenon?

- Mar 13, 2018 -

The cylinder inside the Gasoline chainsaw is killed, as long as the chain saw piston can be checked, usually caused by the following reasons:


1. There is serious carbon deposition on the top of the piston and around the ring. 

It is mainly caused by the use of bad oil, such as the use of diesel oil or inferior two stroke oil.

2. Gasoline chainsaw piston exhaust side scuffing of cylinder bore 

Chainsaw air cleaner is not clean, blocking the carburetor fuel device of garbage, adjustment is too small or fuel oil in the entry is too small, the gas enters the cylinder decreases, due to insulation pad of paper leakage and lack of lubrication caused by high temperature where easy scuffing.

3.Gasoline chainsaw piston Air inlet lower side scuffing of cylinder bore

Basically into water, such used in rain and snow , water from the Gasoline chainsaw air filter into the cylinder, so that the lubricating oil film by the water mix, the underside of the suction side of the piston saw a lack of lubrication oil film, the high-speed operation, the fever cause scuffing. 

4. Gasoline chainsaw piston Air inlet side scuffing of cylinder bore 

Because of garbage into the air filter, when we use the Gasoline chainsaw, cleaning the air filter regularly to prevent foreign bodies from entering the cylinder cause scuffing of cylinder bore. 

Above is about the Gasoline chainsaw how to change the start rope, Gasoline chainsaw  weakness and how to judge the cause of the scuffing of cylinder bore phenomenon of Gasoline chainsaw cylinder, which you can follow the instructions in the case of emergency repairs, not professional maintenance must be sent to the service center for repair.

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