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How to change the Start rope of Gasoline chainsaw?

- Mar 12, 2018 -

Gasoline chainsaw is a kind of garden machinery used for the cutting trees, because a lot of the tendrils of trees is various, sometimes leads to other ground vegetation in the garden can't get enough sun exposure, and redundant tendrils can touch other trees, affect beautiful, so in order to shed excess tendrils,Gasoline chainsaw come in handy, but generally short guide Gasoline chainsaw used for intermittent branch pruning, long guide chain saw for cutting trees.Everyone will encounter in the process of using the Gasoline chainsaw, don't know how to change Start rope, and don't know how to judge the Gasoline chainsaw phenomenon of engine scuffing of cylinder bore, We just want to say to you today.


How to change the Start Cord of Gasoline chainsaw? 

Replacing start rope, the rope round the fixed screw loose on the first, take the rope round (be careful not to make scattered the coil spring) and then pulled down the old rope, then put one end of the rope from the rope through the round hole, on the other side from the pull handle, fixed, re fixed rope round, drag rope clockwise card in the small openings on the rope round began to turn, turn to the coil spring is tight.


What if the Gasoline chainsaw start rope can not pull? 

May be a starter in spring chainsaw stuck, easy to start is the two spring, the single start is a spring,pull line pull not to come out should be the disc spring card to die.When repairing, remove the starter, check the coil spring, and replace a new one.


What is the problem to Gasoline chainsaw not more power? 

The air filter of the Gasoline chainsaw can filter the dirt and other foreign material, prevent the foreign body from entering the cylinder, causing the bad accident of the cylinder.When the  Gasoline chainsaw is out of fire, the work is weak, and the engine is overheating, it may be that the air filter is dirty and needs to be maintained.Clean air filter should be checked before work, qualified air filter on the sunlight observation, should be clear and bright, not qualified on the air filter is full of wood slag, dust, touch feel thick hard, at this time should clean it with hot, soapy water and dry it.Clean, transparent, soft air filter can ensure the normal operation of the oil saw.


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