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Tangible benefits! Greenyard 1kW digital inverter generator

- Dec 20, 2017 -

With the coming of spring, the weather gets warmer, driving, travel and field is getting better, even if you just want to use Sunday to go to the outskirts of the activities, close to nature, will make your life full of color and rhythm. But, have you ever thought about it? In this process, there is a problem that you can not forget, that is, the problem of electricity. Even if you are driving, even if you have a car Vask, the worry of a lack of electricity still bothers you. Now, you don't have to worry about it anymore! Greenyard digital inverter generator can completely solve problems for you. Greenyard digital inverter generator ranging from 1~5kW, the user can choose according to the load situation. The Greenyard 1kW digital inverter generator (model: GI1000CF) as an example.


Digital generator is a newly emerging field of generator products in recent years, and its popularity is mainly concentrated below 5kW. Compared with the traditional generator products, the most notable change of digital generator is the reduction of the appearance size, and the miniaturization, lightening and portability are fully realized. Compared with the traditional generator, the variable frequency digital generator reduces the size and weight by 50%, and the performance is better. It becomes the true sense of the "mini" power generation equipment.

Greenyard 1kW digital inverter generator is a multi-functional and multi-purpose generator set developed by Greenyard on the basis of introduction of international advanced technology and technology based on professional production experience of many years generating units, integrating independent innovation technology and introducing international advanced technology and technology. It has outstanding features and advantages of advanced technology, stable performance, energy saving and environmental protection, durable and durable. According to customer feedback, Gelinyard 1kW digital inverter generator is especially suitable for the majority of families used as standby power. In life, because of the season, weather and other factors, the sudden power off is always unavoidable. At this moment, it is time for the standby generator to play its role. Then, a lot of love for camping and driving friends, it is necessary to have a digital inverter generator for the economy, there is for those buses, often runs long-distance truck driver, frequency conversion digital generator is you successfully completed a long journey of the right-hand man.

Greenyard digital inverter generator, modular control, simple operation, without professional training can quickly grasp the essentials of operation. Detailed, intuitive but not tedious use of instructions, so that you will definitely become a generator in the instantaneous operation.

At present, the digital inverter generator has been used in: (1) camping, outdoor outing, automobile spare power supply; (2) precision instruments, medical equipment, micro power equipment has been widely used, the market prospect is broad. Greenyard 1kW digital inverter generator performance index as follows: Product number: GI1000CF. Frequency: 50HZ. Overload protection device: Have. Rated voltage: 230V. Output: 1KW. Fuel consumption: 0.67L/kW.h. Net weight 14.4kg. Starting method: hand start. Brand: Greenyard. 

Performance effect: 1. Unique parallel operation function 2. Excellent fuel saving performance, save fuel cost 3. Lightweight design, achieve super light and miniaturization 4. Strong output power, fuel consumption is lower 5. Excellent quiet effect, bring quiet effect.

Today, only on the digital inverter generator from the macro point of view, on the excellent functions of the generator, we will continue to pay attention to the future time. Greenyard digital inverter generator, visible and tangible benefits!

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