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Some small sense of Gasoline chain saw chain

- Nov 11, 2017 -

Saw chain is an indispensable component of Gasoline chainsaw, if there is no chain saw chain saw is not working, can not be called a saw. It is only an engine, and some users do not know much about the chain saw. For this, a brief introduction is made.


1、The composition of a sawing chain

Saw chain is composed of a left gear, right teeth, tooth sprocket (also called drive teeth) and rivet connecting piece.

 2、Matching of sawing chains 

Saw chain and chain saw, mainly to see the chain sprocket, guide plate length, and guide groove plate width of the saw chain pitch and sprocket, guide head gear (if there is a tooth) is consistent, consistent with plate thickness keep guide groove teeth guided, spatial distance the length of guide plate and the perimeter and the teeth number of sprocket and chain and guide the party is consistent, can be used.


 3、Saw chain repair file 

On the left is the cutting chain saw cutting tools, use a period of time after the edge is blunt, smooth cutting, keep the edge sharp, will be filing. Note: 1. Filing for filing a chain saw. Various types of saw chain cutting, arc size, different types, each chain needs a standard is certain, there are detailed instructions, please check. 2. We should pay attention to the direction and angle of repairing files. We need to repair the files along the edge of the cutting edge. When we pull back, we should be light and try not to push back and forth. The angle between the saw blades and the chain edges is about 30 degrees, while the angle between the front and the rear ends is about 10 degrees. These angles vary according to the degree of hard and soft saw material and the habit of saw operators. At the same time, we should pay attention to the symmetry of the left and right teeth. If the deviation is too large, we will run away and sawing when sawing. 3. Pay attention to the limit of the position of the tooth. In front of each tooth are protruding part, this is the limiting teeth than the edge above the low 0.6---0.8 mm, each cutting amount per tooth is so thick, filing the edge at the same time, it should pay attention to the level, if the edge of filing more limiting teeth relative edge will change high, each cutting quantity becomes small, the influence of cutting speed, then if the edge below the limiting teeth, will not eat wood, not cutting, limiting teeth filing too low, each tooth each cutting too thick, it could lead to "dagger" and saw cut does not move.


4、Maintenance of sawing chain

Saw chain operation speed is fast. Take the 3/8 saw chain as an example, the number of sprocket teeth is 7 teeth, and the speed of sawing chain is 15.56 meters per second when the number of engine revolutions is 7000 revolutions / minutes. The driving force of chain wheel and the reaction force during cutting are all concentrated on the rivet shaft. The working condition is bad and the wear is serious. If the maintenance is not attention, the chain will soon be scrapped.


Maintenance from the following aspects: 1. Always pay attention to lubricating oil; 2. Keep cutting edge sharp and cutting about symmetry; 3. Regular adjustment of saw chain tension, not too tight or too loose. Adjust the chain saw, hand saw chain upwards, a guided tooth completely out of the groove guide; 4. Timely cleaning guide groove and dirt saw chain, because the cutting plate and chain saws will wear, wear down the iron and sand will accelerate the wear and adhesive substance on the trees in particular, pine oil, cutting heat melt adhesion in the chain, so that each joint is sealed, stiff, oil will not get in, no lubrication, will accelerate the wear. It is suggested that after daily use, the sawing chain is removed and soaked in kerosene.

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