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Camping, self driving tour, why more and more people choose digital inverter generator?

- Nov 13, 2017 -

Nowadays, more and more people use outdoor camping and self driving tour at weekends, and they usually have all kinds of outdoor equipment before departure. Tents, camp lights, generators, pots, kettles and other common outdoor assembly can generally be equipped, but more and more people choose digital inverter generator, in the end, what are its advantages?

Today, we don't talk about how it works, just to talk about its main advantages compared to conventional gasoline generators:

1. High quality electric power.

It adopts digital inverter with advanced technology, high quality power supply provided by the waveform distortion rate of less than 2.5%, the power waveform is perfect sine wave; steady state voltage deviation is less than 2%, the steady-state frequency band is less than 0.5%, the power output is very clean and smooth. Therefore, the most suitable for the power quality requirements of high voltage and current fluctuations are more sensitive to the use of precision equipment. Such as: computer, entertainment equipment, communication equipment, medical equipment, etc..

2. Low fuel consumption.

It adopts the intelligent throttle system, which can automatically adjust the speed according to the actual change of the load; at the same time, the efficient permanent magnet synchronous generator is adopted. Greatly reduce fuel consumption, fuel consumption is about 30% lower than the ordinary unit.

3. Low noise.

It introduces the intelligent throttle system, using special sound-absorbing materials, specially designed silencer, and the whole closed silent design of the unit, greatly reducing noise, more suitable for quiet environment.

4. Light, convenient and easy to carry.

It uses a new type of permanent magnet generator to realize the integration of generator and cooling fan, greatly reduce the weight of the fuselage, compared with the traditional power generation unit of the same power, its volume and weight are reduced by about 50%.

With these advantages, if you, how would you choose?

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