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Gasoline chainsaw using skills for cutting wood.

- Oct 13, 2017 -

As a garden appliance chain saw, when the pruning or logging, to follow certain techniques and methods, so as to better, more rapid completion of work.

In the use of a Gasoline chainsaw must hold chainsaw with two hands, right hand holding the handle back, even if a left-handed person also should be so; At the beginning of operation, the chain saw the throttle to maximum and then clamp,clamp is very important; otherwise people would pull forward chain saw. Always pay attention to the surrounding environment, calm and sober work; when working on a slope, the user must stand on the upper or side of the trunk. Note that the trees rolling, and prevent stumps, branches and ditches have stumbled in saw danger, must pay attention to the trees with debris, sawing and cracked wood can be dangerous; In particular, the natural inclination direction of trees, especially lush branches, should pay attention to the wind direction and force, the wind is too don't keep large lumber; felled trees length of 2.5 times the distance between must work to do, not others' safety crisis logging.

If you need to pay attention to it, you must never do it. The following is not to do the use of chain saw:

The Gasoline chainsaw absolutely no longer confined or poorly ventilated indoor work, even with a chainsaw exhaust catalytic silencer also can not, this environment is very likely poisoning; never stand in the trunk up saw in the logging time, hanging from the branches not saw.


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