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Gasoline Chainsaw

- Jan 20, 2018 -

Gasoline Chainsaw composition

1.choke 2. throttle 3. throttle insurance 4. idle speed screw 5. brake device 6. exhaust gas silencer 7. chain 8. guide plate 9. air filter cover 10. switch 11. fuel tank cover 12. start handle 13. oil tank cover 14.lubricator15.tighten chain, tension screw, 16.side chain tension screw.


The characteristics of chain saw

1.In the streamlined body design, block of flat handle, comfortable to hold, more humane. 

2.The use of advanced technology, low noise, smooth running sound.

3.self-locking switch, good safety, with the front handle and the back handle, more firmly grasp.


Use occasion 

For forest harvesting, building materials, etc. and make timberyard bucking, saw cutting operations such as railway sleeper.


Gasoline Chainsaw performance

Chainsaw products with high power, small vibration, high efficiency cutting saw the advantages of low cost of logging. Has become a professional chain saw cutting


China's forest area hand-held cutting machinery.


Chainsaw damping system using rubber damping spring with high strength. The form of sprocket is a positive tooth, which makes the assembly chain more concise and convenient.


Excellent and reliable electric fire equipment, oil supply system adopts adjustable engine oil pump.


Super tough 5200 chainsaw, it is also engaged in tree pruning, large wood, accident rescue operations.

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