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Gas Chainsaws vs. Electric Chainsaws – Pros

- Mar 28, 2018 -


Gas chainsaws are powered by a mixture of oil and gasoline, and they’re the type of saw you want if you are looking for do big cutting jobs or require a lot of power. (Gasoline saws are the kind professional foresters use in their work.) Here’s a list of applications for gasoline chainsaws and when you would choose them over electric:

Cutting firewood

Sawing down trees

Storm clean up

Cutting up medium-sized trees


The benefits to using a gasoline chainsaw relate to its power. If you need to do a big cutting job, an electric simply won’t cut it. You’re going to get much more horsepower and cutting torque with a gasoline chainsaw than an electric could ever hope to deliver.benefits of gas chainsaws

Gasoline chainsaws are much more mobile, too. You dont need a plug-in power source for a gas saw. This means you can work freely far away from a generator or outlet and not worry about a cumbersome extension cord



A lighter cousin of the gasoline chainsaw, many homeowners prefer electric chainsaws for use around the yard. They are usually much easier to get started than gas saws, and the required maintenance to keep them in good working order is much less intensive. Plus, they are often less expensive. Those benefits come at the cost of raw power, however. Here’s when an electric saw would be a smart choice:

Cutting small branches

Trimming and pruning around the yard


Electric chainsaws, as mentioned, are much easier to start and stop than gas saws. You simply need to press a button or pull a trigger — no yanking on a starter cord. They are also usually much lighter weight, making them easier to use for most people.



gas or electric chainsaw, which is better?There are some situations where it doesn’t really matter which type of chainsaw you use. Here are some jobs that would go about the same with either an electric or gasoline powered chainsaw:

Cutting down small trees

Slicing up small branches

De-limbing medium and small trees

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