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General knowledge!The storage methods of the Gasoline chainsaws had nonused for a long time

- Oct 13, 2017 -

We all know that the power of the gasoline chainsaw is big and durable, but its maintenance is a little troublesome. Nevertheless, we should still properly maintain the gasoline chainsaw. If we do not use the gasoline chainsaw for a long time, before storage, please follow the following methods to keep, you can extend the life of the saw, the following we specifically for everyone to introduce the gasoline chainsaw for a long time not to use the storage methods.

1. Thoroughly clean the whole gasoline chainsaw, especially the cylinder (cooling) fin and air cleaner of the gasoline chainsaw, and scrubbing the surface of the gasoline chainsaw with oil-soaked cloth.

2. Empty the gasoline chainsaw fuel tank in a ventilated area and carefully clean it.

3. Put the gasoline chainsaw into the carburetor, otherwise the gasoline chainsaw carburetor pump film will stick and affect the next start.

4. Empty the fuel in the gasoline chainsaw fuel tank, then start the gasoline chainsaw engine and allow the gasoline chainsaw engine to work until it stops automatically.

5. Remove the saw chain and guide plate from the chain saw, clean and inspect, spray with protective oil.

6. Fill the gasoline chainsaw lubricating oil tank.

7. Remove the saw spark plug and pour a little engine oil into the cylinder. After pulling the engine 2-3 times with a chainsaw starter rope, install a chain saw spark plug and pull the chain saw to start the rope again and stop it in a forceful position(TDC)

8. Place the gasoline chainsaw engine in a dry, well-ventilated location away from heat or open flame.

9. The gasoline chainsaw is kept in the dry and safe place to prevent the use of irrelevant personnel (such as children).

10. If the oil saw is not used for a long time, wash the chain with a brush and put it in the oil pool for safekeeping.

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