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Fan maintenance Ⅱ

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Fan in operation, there will be some failures must go to the scene to deal with, so that we can carry out routine maintenance. First of all to carefully observe the safety platform inside the fan and the ladder is strong, with or without connection bolts loose, the control cabinet with or without paste, the cable with or without displacement, plywood is loose, torsion cable sensor pull ring is broken, Of the lubrication is dry and degenerate, yaw gear box, hydraulic oil and gear box oil level is normal, the hydraulic station gauge pressure is normal, rotating parts and rotating parts between the wear and tear to see whether the tubing joints leakage, Gear oil and hydraulic oil filter instructions in the normal position and so on. The second is to listen to, listen to the control cabinet is the discharge of the sound, there may be a voice terminal loose, or poor contact, to be carefully checked, listening to the sound when yaw is normal, with or without dry sound, listen Is there any abnormality in the bearing of the generator, whether or not there is any abnormality in the gear box, whether or not there is any sound between the brake pad and the brake pad, and whether the sound of the cutting blade is normal. Third, clean up their own work site, and the hydraulic station components and fittings to wipe, in order to observe whether the future leak.

Although the above routine maintenance project is not very complete, but as long as we can be done every time seriously, carefully, will be able to prevent the occurrence of hidden dangers, improve equipment integrity and availability.

In order to run and maintain the wind turbine, in the usual also on the fan-related theoretical knowledge in-depth study and learning, do a good job of various maintenance records and archives, spare parts inventory inventory, the various types of fan Failure in-depth and meticulous analysis, and strive to make effective prevention. Only take preventive measures, is the highest level of our operation and maintenance.

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