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Fan maintenance Ⅰ

- Oct 13, 2017 -

Regular maintenance of the fan

Regular maintenance allows the equipment to maintain the best period of the state and extend the life of the fan. The main contents of the maintenance work are: the bolt torque check between the fan connections (including the electrical connection), the lubrication between the transmission parts and the functional tests.

When the fan is in normal operation, the bolts of the connecting parts are running in a variety of vibratory forces for a long time, and are easily loosened. In order not to cause the local bolts to be sheared, Which checks the bolt torque. At ambient temperatures below -5 ° C, the torque should be reduced to 80% of the rated torque for fastening and reviewed at temperatures above -5 ° C. We generally check the tightening of the bolts are arranged in the absence of wind or wind in the summer, to avoid the fan of the high effort of the season.

Fan lubrication system is mainly thin oil lubrication (or mineral oil lubrication) and dry oil lubrication (or grease lubrication) in two ways. Fan gear box and yaw reduction gear box is used in thin oil lubrication method, the maintenance method is added and sampling test, if the test results show that the oil can no longer be used, then the replacement. Dry oil lubrication parts are generator bearings, yaw bearings, yaw teeth and so on. These parts due to the high temperature, easy to degenerate, resulting in bearing wear, regular maintenance, must be added to each time. In addition, the generator bearing the amount of the amount must be added in accordance with the required number, not too much to prevent too much after the motor into the winding, so that the motor burned.

Regular maintenance of the functional tests are mainly over-speed test, emergency shutdown test, the hydraulic system components of the value of the test, vibration switch test, torsion cable switch test. It is also possible to perform some routine tests on the controller's limit values.

Regular maintenance In addition to the above three major items, but also to check the hydraulic oil level, the sensor with or without damage, the sensor power supply is reliable work, brake pads and brake wear and so on.

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