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Eight Safety Tips for Using Your Pole Saw

- Sep 14, 2018 -

Just like a traditional chainsaw or any gardening tool that is a high powered machine, adhering to safety tips before and during use can mean the difference between removing a tree limb or removing one of our own limbs. So here are eight safety tips that will make your gardening chores enjoyable and hopefully accident and injury free.


1. Read the pole saw's instructions or manual. Before you begin to use your new, bright and shiny pole saw, read the manufacturer's instructions. I have lost count of the times I have jumped straight in and started to use my newly purchased gardening tool and wondered why it was not working the best.


Take a few minutes to read the instructions and the tool’s specifications before you start to use the pole saw. It will make all the difference to your ongoing working experience with the tool.


2. Plan your cutting schedule and work area. Cordon off the area where you plan to cut, especially if you are cutting and trimming trees. If you are working at home, let someone know what you are planning to do.


If you are working in a remote area, try to have someone with you or once again advise your family or the authorities of your work plans. Clear your work area of any debris, and be aware of any above ground root systems that you could trip over when you are working.


3. Be careful when cutting thick wood. Pole saws are primarily designed to cut through tree limbs up to a few inches thick, although some can even cut up to 7 or 8 inches thick, but be careful if you use the tool for cutting through very thick wood. It will take longer, and it can be dangerous if it is a branch that is located high up above your head.


4. Cutting high branches. Before you start to cut branches that are located in a hard to reach area, make sure you are familiar with using the machine. Besides reading the instructions, learn some basic pole saw techniques that can help to make your gardening chores incident free.


5. Pole extensions. Pole saws come with extensions that can give you an extended reach of up to 15 feet, but they can get heavy and you can get tired, especially if it is heavy-duty work. So take rest breaks. If it is hot weather, keep some water with you, especially if you are working in a remote area.


6. Safety gear. Wear safety gear, protective goggles, gloves and a hard hat, especially if you are cutting limbs off trees, and invest in a safety harness.


7. Power lines. Do not work near power lines, or cut branches that are near a power line. Consult a professional arborist.


8. Check the oil level. If you are using a pole saw that requires oil, make you sure that you do not flood the reservoir as it can cause the oil to leak during operation.


Now that I have outlined the uses and specifications of pole saws, and some safety and operations tips, here are seven of the best pole saws on the market.

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