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How is inverter applications?

- Dec 07, 2017 -

DC power source utilization

Inverter designed to provide 115 VAC from the 12 VDC source provided in  an automobileAn inverter allows the 12 or 24 volt (battery) DC power  available in an automobile to supply AC power to operate equipment that  is normally supplied from a mains power source.

Inverters are also used to provide a source of AC power from photovoltaic solar cells and fuel cell power supplies.


Uninterruptible power supplies

One type of uninterruptible power supply uses batteries to store power  and an inverter to supply AC power from the batteries when mains power  is not available. When mains power is restored, a rectifier is used to  supply DC power to recharge the batteries.


Induction heating

Inverters are used to convert low frequency mains AC power to a higher  frequency for use in induction heating. To do this, AC power is first  rectified to provide DC power. The inverter then changes the DC power to  high frequency AC power.

High-voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission

With HVDC power transmission, AC power is rectified and high voltage DC  power is transmitted to another location. At the receiving location, an  inverter in a static inverter plant converts the power back to AC.


Variable-frequency drives

A variable-frequency drive controls the operating speed of an AC motor  by controlling the frequency and voltage of the power supplied to the  motor. An inverter provides the controlled power. In most cases, the variable-frequency drive includes a rectifier so that DC power for the  inverter can be provided from mains AC power. Since an inverter is the  key component, variable-frequency drives are sometimes called inverter drives or just inverters.


Electric vehicle drives

Adjustable speed motor control inverters are currently used to in some  electric locomotives and diesel-electric locomotives as well as some  battery electric vehicles and hybrid electric highway vehicles such as the Toyota Prius. Various improvements in inverter technology are being  developed specifically for electric vehicle applications.

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