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The adjustment of the chain saw

- Dec 05, 2017 -

1. The adjustment of the gasoline engine

2. The adjustment of the actuator

Mainly includes clutch spring method and the adjustment of the clutch piece of centrifugal force, clutch block and passive plate side clearance adjustment as well as adjusting the clearance of the gear reducer size, etc. For the clutch, the main is to adjust the tension of the spring, our spring tension consistent; Second is to adjust the quality of the clutch piece, if the weight difference caused by uneven wear e. (1 g), more than have to adjust or change; For reducer gear clearance adjustment, mainly accomplished by add, subtract adjusting shim.

3. Wood sawing mechanism adjustment

Mainly includes the adjustment of saw chain tensioner degrees and chain saws plane spiral tooth cutting Angle adjustment or repair.

(1) saw chain tensioning degree adjustment. Saw chain tensioner degrees adjustment is by changing the relative position of saw guide plate and driven sprocket. Adjustment of saw chain tensioning degree standard is: saw chain saw guide on free to rotate, and light up in the central guide chain saws, tooth left saw guide groove guide chain and sprocket with guide plate edge 0.5 ~ 1 mm is appropriate.

(2) the sawtooth trim and dial the material. Plane spiral tooth cutting edge, should repair the file on a regular basis. File before saw adjustment of saw chain tensioner degrees, make it right. Then the saw guide, with a diameter of 5.5 ~ 6 mm round file, according to the figure 4-41 a direction of the arrow shown in file. Left and right plane spiral tooth file separately. Push the file can only be pushed forward, we don't file back and forth. Round file should be close to the edge of the vertical and horizontal blade blade, blade contour and level. Can neither file connection piece, nor rasp off limits. To a file into the blade Angle, and to meet the requirements of figure 4-41 technical requirements.

About plane spiral tooth blade Angle and width of curf should agree, lest they saw chain running deviation when the sawing wood. Left and right plane spiral tooth level blade tooth line should be 1 mm overlap, plane spiral tooth addendum about the distance between the lateral (namely curf width) should be 8.1 ~ 8.7 mm, if not available around wrench clamping plane spiral gear, respectively to the left and right light. 

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