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The use of chain saws

- Dec 04, 2017 -

1. Regularly check saw chain tensioner degrees, please turn off the engine when inspection and adjustment, wear protective gloves. Appropriate tension degrees is when the chain hanging at the bottom of the guide, with the hand can pull chain.

2. The chain must always have a little oil spills. Every time before work must be checked in saw chain lubrication and oil level of lubricating oil tank. Chain lubrication can't work, like to work with the chain of dry, will lead to cutting device damage.

3. Never use the old oil. The old oil can not meet the requirement of the lubrication, does not apply to the chain lubrication.

4. If the oil level in the tank is not reduced, may be lubricated transmission failure. Check the chain lubrication, check the oil. Through contaminated filter can also lead to bad lubricating oil supply. To clean or replace lubricating oil filter in the fuel tank and the pump connection pipe.

5. Change after installing new chain saw chain in terms of the need to 2 to 3 minutes time. Check the chain tensioner degrees after running-in, to adjust if necessary. A new chain has been used for a period of time compared to the chain tension need more often. Under the conditions of cold chain saws must stick to guide the lower, but with the hand can move saw chain in the guide. 

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