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Electric saw operation procedure

- Dec 02, 2017 -

1. Check the various performances of the electric saw before operation, whether the safety device is complete and meet the operation safety requirements.

2. check the saw blade must not have cracks, the various screws should be tightened.

3. the operation should wear protective glasses, stand on the side of the saw blade, prohibit standing on the same line with the saw blade, and the arm must not cross the saw blade.

4. the feeding must be close to the mountain, not too hard, and the hard section should be pushed slowly. The material will be 15cm for the saw blade. No hand hard pull.

5. short and narrow materials used to push rod processing, the use of ploughing hook, more than the saw blade radius of the wood, the ban on the saw.

6. After the maintenance of power cut should be maintained when you overhauled.

7. For safety, the saw blade must be removed after the use is finished.

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