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What should be paid attention to using hand-held electric tools?

- Dec 01, 2017 -

1. Before the use of the tool, it should be checked by the electrical wiring of the full-time electrician to prevent the fault caused by the wrong connection between the zero line and the phase line.

2. The insulation resistance should be measured by the electrician before it is used for a long time.

3. The soft cable or soft wire that the tool brings is not long. When the distance between the power supply and the working place is far away, the mobile electric box should be used to solve it.

4. The original plug of the tool may not be dismantled or changed at will.Strictly prohibits inserting wire into the socket directly without the plug.

5. find the tool shell, the handle is broken, should be stopped and replaced.

6. non full-time personnel shall not dismantle and repair tools without authorization.

7. The revolving parts of the handheld tools should have a protective device.

8. The workers should wear insulation protection articles according to the regulations.

9. The power supply, the leakage protector must be installed.

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