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5 Advantages of Using an Electric Chainsaw

- Nov 24, 2017 -

Electric chainsaws are an incredibly useful tool if you have a lot of trees or branches to trim or cut down. Lots of trees have low hanging branches that require occasional trimming, but if they’re too big then a hand saw or shears won’t do much to solve your problem. An electric chainsaw is handy for trimming these limbs into smaller chunks, and makes for easier cutting large pieces of lumber and landscape timber. For many people, there is just no substitute for a good electric chainsaw.


When you’re looking for electric chainsaws online, you’ll find that they are either corded or battery-powered. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to ascertain your wants and needs before choosing an electric chainsaw.


Corded electric chainsaws require power cords to be plugged into a mains socket for it to function. Your range and movement are limited by the length of the power cord, and if necessary, the extension cables. That being said, corded chainsaws are more powerful than the battery-powered ones, and can cut bigger and harder trees to size.


On the other hand, battery-powered chainsaws are powered by, well, batteries. This allows for greater range and freer movement, as the chainsaw is not restricted by a power cord. While being powered by a battery affords the user better mobility with their chainsaw, the battery is also a disadvantage. The chainsaw can only function as long as the battery has power in it. This makes battery-powered chainsaws less suited to longer tasks. They’re also less powerful when compared to corded electric chainsaws.


If you’re going to use your chainsaw for light tasks such as cutting off small branches and trimming trees, then you would do well with a battery-powered chainsaw. For heavier tasks like cutting trunks and felling small trees, a corded chainsaw is the better option.


Most people think that electric chainsaws are inferior to petrol chainsaws, and I can understand why. When compared to petrol-powered chainsaws, which run on two-stroke engines, electric chainsaws have less power to exert. But unless you’re a professional lumberjack or tree feller, you probably don’t need that much power for your chainsaw. Most homeowners would do fine, if not even better, with an electric one. If you’re still not convinced, allow me to change your mind. Here are a few advantages of using an electric chainsaw over a petrol-powered one.


Easier to use and maintain


Unlike petrol chainsaws, electric chainsaws come out of the box ready to use. You just to have oil the chain and you can start cutting down wood. Adding oil to chain is also the only real maintenance you need to do for your chainsaw, as there is no two-cycle engine to maintain and petrol to mix. Just charge the battery, pull the trigger and your electric chainsaw will roar to life.


The engines powering petrol chainsaws need to be primed before use, and you have to pull a cord several times to ignite the combustible engine. The sheer heaviness of the engine and the extra weight of the petrol tank make for a heavy tool. Electric chainsaws eliminate all that and are substantially lighter, making them easier and safer to use.


Less kickback


Kickbacks happen when the moving chain at the tip of the guide bar runs into an object, or when the chain is pinched in the cut when the wood closes in. The contact causes a reverse reaction, kicking the guide bar back to the operator. Kickbacks may cause you to lose control of the chainsaw, leading to serious injuries to yourself or nearby people.


Electric chainsaws feature safety chains to reduce the occurrence of kickbacks. And since electric chainsaws are less powerful than their petrol-powered cousins, the violence of a kickback is substantially reduced.


No fuel


Surprise, surprise: electric chainsaws don’t run on fuel. Because they’re powered by electricity, electric chainsaws have faster recovery times compared to petrol chainsaws. When a petrol chainsaw runs out of fuel, it has to be shut down and cooled off before it can be refueled. Meanwhile, an electric chainsaw just needs to be plugged into an outlet. No fuel also means no toxic gases emitted, making electric chainsaws better for the environment.


Quiet operation


While the roar of an electric chainsaw is not entirely quiet, they make considerably less noise compared to their petrol-powered counterparts. When measured, the noise emitted by electric chainsaws range from 90 to 102 dB (decibel), while petrol chainsaws make 106 dB to 117 dB. Cutting wood around your home with an electric chainsaw will not disturb your neighbors anywhere near what a petrol-powered unit would.


Easier storage


Electric chainsaws are much easier to store than a petrol-powered one, especially for the long term. You just need to clean the chainsaw and put it back into its box or storage container and you’re set. Meanwhile, you have to drain a petrol chainsaw of fuel and oil and maybe even remove the spark plug if you want to store it for a long time.

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