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4 notes for pruning trees in gardens

- Nov 18, 2017 -

Compared with flowering shrubs, garden trees require much less pruning, and pruning techniques are much simpler. However, if the operation is improper, it will bring harm to the operator's body and cause damage to the tree. Therefore, pruning trees must not be taken lightly, we should pay attention to the following four aspects of the problem.

Garden tree pruning 4 points for attention are as follows:

1.The trees can not cut? NO!

Because trees require less pruning, many people think that trees can not cut, this idea is wrong. Low demand does not mean unimportant.

Garden trees should not only play the ecological benefit, also has the role of landscaping, and beautiful tree is generally needed to form proper pruning, and trees in the growth process of the inevitable to suffer year after year, lightning storms, diseases and pests, vandalism and other injuries, will inevitably produce branches, dead branches, branches, branches and disabled diseases there is a strong branches. These branches are likely to wind sways grass falling down, causing damage to people's personal and property.

In addition, the growth of garden trees in complex urban environment, inevitably with the surrounding trees, traffic, buildings, aerial pipelines and other contradictions, the general way to solve these contradictions is to trim the garden trees.

In addition, ground municipal construction often damages the roots of trees, which also need to prune the above ground parts of trees to maintain the balance between the upper and lower parts of trees. Therefore, pruning trees is very important.


2.Tree structure

The main function of landscape trees is the shade, adsorption of poisonous and harmful substances etc..

Practice has proved that when the crown ratio is above 2/3, the tree structure is the most firm, the tree grows most robust, and can maximize its ecological function. But for the street trees, often with traffic, overhead pipelines, buildings and other contradictions, so the crown may be smaller, but the crown height ratio can not be less than 1/2.

Therefore, in the pruning of trees, not pruning the higher the better, but without impeding the traffic of vehicles and people, the lower the better.



General tree tree is tall, often need to use pruning high branches such as chain saw mechanical equipment or climbing, and the surrounding environment is also more complex, such as high-voltage wires, above the surrounding personnel more frequent activities etc..

Therefore, when pruning operations, we must pay attention to exclude all possible security risks, to ensure that the operation to achieve "two no harm, no damage", namely: do not hurt yourself, do not harm others, do not cause additional damage to trees. This requires the tree before the evacuation of the surrounding personnel, around the high voltage line with the power sector, requiring the power sector power cuts and cooperate with the operation, pruning in strict accordance with technical requirements specification operation.


4.Standardize operation

Tree pruning using the highest technology is the largest thinning, big volume is relatively large, relatively heavy, if improper operation, it will cause the bark torn, operator was injured.

Therefore, we must standardize the operation according to "three sawing method". "Three saw law" is the first in the branches to be sawn from the last cut about 20 cm to 25 cm, from the bottom up first saw as a preparatory to deep incision, branch diameter 1/3 or clamping saw so far; further away from the pre incision in front of about 3 cm to 5 cm from the place. On the pull down second saw cut branches in the branches of a lateral; finally sawed apart stump.

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