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Do you not need such a digital inverter generator?

- Jan 09, 2018 -

In today's automobile industry, in most people's view, the future of electric vehicle is the general trend. But before that, plug-in hybrid vehicle is a necessary transitional stage, because emission reduction is the absolute principle at the moment. That's the top priority.


In the generator industry is also advocating energy saving and emission reduction, because the pollution is becoming increasingly serious, reduce pollution is a pressing matter of the moment, so Green Yard digital variable frequency generator is complying with the times.

Green Yard digital variable frequency generator suitable for standby power outage family, do not worry, others in the darkness waiting for the call, and your quality of life is not affected, digital inverter generator brings light pleasure to you; the office of emergency power supply, power unfinished work to do, this is when you only need to connect would you spare digital inverter generator, you can continue to work, do not need to be in for the unfinished work of distress; the construction of outdoor power outdoor lighting, without power, as long as the standby for a digital inverter generator, you can also enjoy the light like at home outdoors!


The Green Yard digital inverter generator is widely used as a common, standby and emergency power for its flexible, convenient and stable characteristics. Especially in recent years, due to the rapid development of China's economy, there has been varying degrees of power shortage across the country, which makes the role of digital frequency converter more prominent. The output voltage and frequency of the traditional gasoline generator are not stable enough. The latest development trend of gasoline generator is combined with the gasoline generator and power electronic converters and the use of electronic governor, which is the original generator output voltage through the power electronic converter purification processing, and then output to the load, adjust the engine speed governor, in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving and environmental protection, power generation unit this model is generally called digital variable frequency generator.

The Green Yard digital inverter generator is equipped with various safety automatic protection devices, such as overload, low oil and oil pressure protection, which greatly facilitates your operation and avoids your worries. In addition, the digital inverter generator is equipped with a unique intelligent throttle. It can automatically adjust the speed according to the actual load changes, making the fuel consumption less than 30%-80% and running longer. Bring more economic benefits to users. At the same time, it has also greatly extended the service life of the digital frequency conversion generator.

Green Yard digital inverter generator and the energy-saving emission reduction is a product of the times, is represent the general trend of the future.

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