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Digital inverter generator

- Jan 11, 2018 -

The digital inverter generator is a new type of generator which is integrated into the technology of electronic and frequency conversion. Compared with the traditional generator, its size and weight are reduced by about 50%, and the noise is reduced a lot.

The digital inverter generator makes it able to be used as a small portable power source in many entertainment occasions, which has completely changed the "big, stupid and coarse" traditional image of power generation equipment in the consumer's mind.

Unique structure & excellent process

The design of the digital inverter generator is novel and beautiful, the internal process structure is unique and reasonable, and the design and internal structure and other related patents are also available at the same time.

Quiet & cozy

The design of a unique double noise reduction system makes the noise of a digital generator 3-9 decibels lower than that of a traditional generator. It adopts the air duct designed by the international famous professional design company, which makes the intake exhaust more smooth, and the noise and the mechanical vibration are smaller.

Quality & stability

The key component of the digitally inverter generator is its built-in microprocessor. With the powerful modular design, it will process and purify the original power generated by the generator, so that the power output of the digital generator set is very clean and stable. The power waveform of the digital inverter generator set is the perfect sine wave. Therefore, the high quality electric power is especially suitable for electrical devices and instruments that are sensitive to voltage and current fluctuations, such as computers, fax machines, printers, communication devices, etc.

Green & Environmental Protection

Digital inverter generator with double noise. The unique structure of machine operation than the traditional noise generator for low 3-9 dB. The combustion system can be efficiently minimized. Emissions of harmful substances emissions can reach EPA (EPA) 2005 second standard. Compared with the traditional power machine, it is environment-friendly power generation equipment fully deserve. Whether it is used in a dense urban area, or in camping, or as a standby power supply household indoor, digital inverter generator is an ideal choice.

Economy & practical

The digital inverter generator is equipped with a variety of automatic safety protection device, such as overload, low oil pressure protection, thus greatly facilitate your operation, without your menace from the rear. In addition, the unit is also equipped with a unique intelligent solar term door, it can automatically adjust the speed according to the load actual situation to change the level of the fuel consumption than ordinary units to lower 20%-40%, longer running time. To bring more economic benefits. At the same time, greatly prolong the service life of the whole machine.

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