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Current maintenance of Gasoline chainsaw

- Mar 10, 2018 -

Daily maintenance


1. Check if the throttle trigger is flexible, smooth, reliable, and whether the idle speed is normal.

2. Check the brake equipment is normal, and remove the brake equipment and other wood chips, sludge.

3. Check whether the chain catcher is damaged, otherwise all change.

4. Check the air filter. 

5. Check the lubrication hole of the guide plate of the oil pump, and remove the impurities in the guide plate, and lubricate the guide sprocket bearing.

6. Adjust the saw chain tension, filing a chain, check whether the drive wheel wear. 

7. Check whether the starter and starting rope are worn or damaged, and remove the sawdust and dirt from all parts of the starter inlet. 

8. Check the normal work of the ceasefire switch and check the fasteners in all places.


Weekly maintenance


1. Cleaning carburetor, air filter, cylinder heat sink and other wood chips, oil sludge.

2. Check starter, start spring, clean fan (flywheel) blade and air inlet.

3. Clean up the spark plug and adjust the gap of the electrode. 

4. Lubricate the clutch bearing; Trim the edge of the guide board.


Monthly maintenance


1. Cleaning the fuel tank, filter, cleaning machine oil tank.

2. Check the contact of the wires in all places to be in good contact and good insulation.

3. Check the wear of brake brake bar, clutch sprocket, clutch plate spring, clutch disc and so on, repair or replace in time.

4. Cleaning up the surface of the carburetor, greasy dirt and debris.

5. Clean up the pressure relief valve and dredge the pressure relief hole.


The Gasoline chainsaw maintenance service life related to the Gasoline chainsaw, we must pay attention to maintenance of the Gasoline chainsaw.

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