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Chainsaw maintenance

- Jan 10, 2018 -

Chainsaw is two stroke power, the use of power, should pay attention to cutting tools, to ensure the normal use of the machine: engine two stroke engine, the use of fuel oil mixture of gasoline and oil, mixed oil ratio: two stroke air cooling JASO special oil level: FC gasoline =1:50 (air-cooled two stroke JASO special oil FB grade gasoline: =1:25).

Gasoline uses more than 90, and oil uses air-cooled two stroke oil. The symbol is 2T. We must use the brand name special oil, and strictly prohibit the use of four stroke oil or water cooled two stroke oil. That new machine in the first 30 hours with 1:40 (JASO FB oil 1:20), after 30 hours, according to the normal ratio of 1:50 (JASO FB oil 1:25) with oil, determined not to exceed 1:50 (1:25 oil), otherwise too dilute concentration will cause the machine cylinder. 

Please strictly follow the machine attached with pot with oil, not according to the estimated random distribution. The mixed oil is best ready for use now. It is strictly forbidden to use long time mixed oil. When the machine works, it will run for a few minutes at low speed, see lubricating saw oil and oil line, then work. When the machine works, the accelerator will be used at high speed. Every box of oil, should rest for 10 minutes, scattered gasket, machine cleaning after each operation to ensure the heat dissipation; spark plug every 25 hours to take off, with dust on the electrode wire brush, adjust the gap to 0.6[1]-0.7mm as well; the use of air filter every 25 hours to remove the dust, dust should be more frequent. The cleanliness of the foam core is cleaned with gasoline or washing liquid and clean water, extruded and dried, then soaked in the oil and squeezed out of the excess oil. 

The muffler is used for 50 hours. The muffler is unloaded and the carbon of the outlet of the exhaust and the muffler is cleaned. The fuel filter (oil suction head) removes impurities every 25 hours. 

When the new part of the cutting tool is used, we should pay attention to the tightness of the saw chain, so as to drive the saw chain to rotate, and use the hand saw chain to guide the teeth parallel to the guide plate. After a few minutes, pay attention to the tension chain again. 

No people or animals are allowed to move around 20 meters around the safe operation. There must be no angle check on the grass, stones and other debris, remove the debris on the grass. 

During storage and storage, we must clean up the body, release the mixed fuel, burn the fuel in the carburetor, remove the spark plug, add the 1-2ml two stroke oil into the cylinder, pull the starter 2-3 times, and install the spark plug.

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