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Chainsaw Features

- Jun 12, 2018 -

While size and power help you determine the best chainsaw for your work, a saw's features can improve comfort, safety and efficiency as you cut:

Anti-vibration features make using a saw more comfortable and reduce fatigue. These systems are especially helpful if you have a lot of cutting to do.

Spring-assist starting reduces the pulling force needed to start a gasoline-powered saw.

An automatic oiler lubricates the chain as you cut — you don't have to remember to activate it. Proper chain lubrication is necessary for safe and efficient cutting.

A chain brake is designed to stop the chain when the saw encounters an abrupt movement or impact. On equipped models, you can also manually activate the chain brake.

Low-kickback bars and chains help reduce the risk of the saw being unexpectedly forced back and up.

Tool-less chain adjustment allows you to change the cutting chain tension quickly and easily.

An air-cleaning feature extends air filter life by removing large pieces of debris before they reach the filter.

A carrying case protects the saw and makes transporting it easier and safer.

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