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A band saw has an 8 max cut height. I'm trying to mill a 10 diameter log. Do you have ideas? I'm thinking chain saw.

- Nov 03, 2017 -

Having supervised a saw mill we have a 60 “ span between our saw guides. and we regularly sawed logs larger than 60”. When we were on sugar pine, we often would have 4–8 logs a day larger than 60″, Largest round log done on my shift was 83″.

The trick is start on the out side, work your way in. Then when you think you can not make another pass rotate the log down 90 degrees. and repeat.  If you can take 2 passes on your first face, you have it made.

I don’t know what your log looks like, aka how much flare, crook, how well the knots are bumped ect. but typically I would think you would take one pass removing say 3/4 an inch to open up a face, then take 1 -3 more passes depending what thickness of lumber you are sawing,

then you have options.

A you can  roll the log down, reclamp your dogs, and if you took more than 2″ off the first face you should be good to go the rest of the way through.

B you can put your freshly sawn face against your backstop, clamp your dog down, then take a pass at 8″ from knees to saw or 6 or 4, depending on what you are trying to cut, and how many passes you took off your first face. Then roll your log down and yoru good to saw off square lumber.

Option A would be more for a wood miser or chainsaw mill, option B would be for a little larger more advanced set up.

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