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4kw (2KW+2KW) Digital inverter generator

- Jan 29, 2018 -

The design is novel and beautiful, and the internal process structure is unique and reasonable. At the same time, it has the relevant patents such as appearance design and internal structure. The design of the unique double-layer noise reduction system makes the noise of the digital generator set 3-9 dB lower than that of the traditional generating set. It adopts the air duct designed by the international famous professional design company, which makes the intake exhaust more smooth, and the noise and the mechanical vibration are smaller. Double reduction. The unique structure of the machine running noise than conventional power generation unit is low 3-9 dB. Compared with the conventional generator, it is environment-friendly power generation equipment. It is used to fully deserve a dense urban area, or in camping, or as a household indoor standby power source, digital power generator is a very ideal the choice of.

(Greenyard Digital inverter generator) Characteristics 1: a more stable voltage with damping winding technology and damping winding on the rotor and the slope increased, correcting the magnetic field distortion reduce the clutter. (Greenyard Digital inverter generator) characteristics 2: wide application - excellent waveform which is more suitable for high requirement on the waveform of sophisticated electronic equipment, computer, lighting, UPS, LED and other settings. (Greenyard Digital inverter generator)  characteristics 3: high efficiency and energy saving -- equipped with energy efficient two stroke engine, strong power, fuel consumption low, high durability, is the perfect embodiment of engine technology. (Greenyard Digital inverter generator) 4 features: compact appearance design, portable and more convenient to carry, unique technology, excellent quality.

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Our production is strictly in line with European production standards, Germany Rhine TUV quality certification, export to the European Union, North America, Japan and other markets, and products get CE, EPA, DIRECTIVE, EC, SONCAP and many other certification.

Digital variable frequency generator has the advantages of good quality and stability of quiet green economic and practical convenient satten digital generator is the power equipment in the smallest one. Compared with the traditional generating set, its size and weight have been reduced by about 50%. This makes it possible to be used as a small portable power source in many outdoor and entertainment occasions, which is loved by the majority of users.

The functions, features and advantages of our products are as follows:

1. Standard sinusoidal voltage output function;

2. Electronic throttle speed regulation function;

3. Power supply state management and monitoring function;

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