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Zhejiang Green Yard Power Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd

ZHEJIANG GREENYARD POWER MACHINERY TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD,is located in the China. As a global supplier mainly produce digital inverter generator, gasoline chain saw,electric chainsaw and so on... we are to create added value for customers around the world.


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Have you ever wanted to buy a generator that can produce electricity in case a storm, which may cut off your power, is on the horizon? There are other situations which may require the use of a generator to create a power supply, such as power outages which cut off the electrical supply or a breakdown of the electrical equipment. Welcome to our fair,before we go that i will send booth no on the website.


Have you ever wanted to buy a electric chainsaw that can for a homeowner with occasional use then Green Yard models may meet your needs.It suitable for cutting wood, a lot of trees or branches to trim or cut down.Lightweight,Good ergonomics,Easy to start,Easy to handle,Cuts great,Powerful and quiet,No emissions,Extra safe,Low maintenance,Visible oil window,No over-tightening,Durable,Easy to store,this is a good choice, regardless of your faction.


Have you ever wanted to buy a gas chainsaw that durability, reliability and practicability,Green Yard can meet your request.It doesn't need electricity, and can use it anywhere, as long as you bring a bottle of oil, which is very convenient when you're work outdoor and without power.



our company will participate in exhibitions every year, such as Canton Fair, Cologne exhibition and so on. Exhibitors are to broaden horizons, open ideas, advanced learning, communication and cooperation, make full use of every opportunity to communicate, exhibition, communication, negotiation and visit customers and dealers, to further enhance the company's brand awareness and influence, but also to further understand the product features advanced enterprises, in order to improve their own products the structure, exert their own advantages, and strive to produce better innovation products. We always adhere to the attitude of making friends first and then doing business, which makes us have a good relationship with many old customers, and also meet many new customers.


If you want to know more about the product information, have the intention to buy the above products, welcome to contact us, also face to face in the every year exhibition. Our factory always opens the door for you if you want to see it on the spot.