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Digital Inverter Generator

1.Question:What id the run time I can expect?

Answer:Run times can vary by model and depending on the usages and applications. 

2.Question:Can I install a fuel conversion kit on my generator?

Answer:NO,We do not endorse or approve this.If you do this,you also will be in violation for federal emission laws and complete loss of your warranty. 

3.Question:Can I vent out the exhaust from an enclosed space?

Answer:NO!Never run a generator in any type of enclosed space.Generators are designed to be run outside where there is plenty of ventilation.

4.Question:Can generator run continuously? 

Answer:Yes, the generator can run continuously as long as maintenance intervals are followed.The genset does need to be turned off to refuel,though. 

5.Question:What happens if I overload the generator? 

Answer:The generator has circuit breakers to protect itself from overloading.If overloaded,the circuit breaker will trip and stop power flow to protect the generator and other appliances. 

6.Question:What should I do with my rusty fuel tank? 

Answer:It is very difficult to clean your fuel tank after corrosion has occurred. 

Green Yard does not recommend or support any specific cleaning agents, and the fuel tank will need to be replaced.

7.Question:My engine won't start. 

Answer:See trouble shooting page in the manual.

8.Question:Can I start the portable with load applied? 

Answer:The generator should not be started with load/appliances already applied. The engine of the generator needs to come up to proper speed.Applying load before starting may cause damage to your appliances. 

Electric/Gasoline Chainsaw


Answer:Wearing the proper clothing is one of the best safeguards for you to reduce the possibility of serious injury.Wear sturdy,snug-fitting clothing that gives you complete freedom of movement.

2.Question:Why is the lawn mower spark plug wet?

Answer:Typically a wet spark plug can be caused by a clogged air filter,weak ignition,poor quality fuel.

3.Question:If I overload the saw, will the battery or saw be damaged? 

Answer:No. The chain saw is equipped with multiple protection features and will stop running before damage occurs.

4.Question:Can the blade be sharpened or replaced? 

Answer:Yes. If the cutting blades are dull, blades can be file sharpened. If there is extensive damage,a replacement blade kit is available.

5.Question:How do I know when my chain is dull, and when should I sharpen it?

Answer:Keep in mind that a sharp chain will cut large-size chips. A chain that is dull or has abrasive damage will create sawdust.It's time to sharpen when you have to push on the saw, or the saw is no longer self-feeding.

6.Question:How do I know that my chain oiler is working correctly?

Answer:A good test to determine proper oiling of the bar and chain assembly will be to lay a piece of paper or cardboard on the ground or a stump.Start the unit and hold it in such a way that the tip of the bar is approximately one foot above the paper.Apply full throttle and see if a thin line of oil appears on the paper.If this occurs,the unit is oiling properly.

7.Question:What is the purpose of a spark arrestor?

Answer:Spark arrestors are screens that limit the size of particles sometimes found in the exhaust gases of outdoor power equipment.The idea is that by limiting the size of the exhaust particles ( piece of carbon or other small debris ),the thermal mass of the particle can be made small enough that it is no longer considered a substantial threat of fire hazard.

Care still needs to be taken of the surrounding area to ensure safety of the user and the surrounding environment.

8.Question:Why did my chain get dull so fast?

Answer:Chains will dull very fast if they come in contact with sand,dirt,rocks and nails.Make sure when using a chainsaw you avoid all these hazards.

9.Question:What weekly maintenance items should I perform on my chainsaw?

Answer:Important!Before operating your chainsaw, be sure that you review the Chainsaw Operator and Safety Manuals thoroughly.These manuals include safety warnings,the machines safety features and their functions,safe starting techniques,in addition to inspection and maintenance requirements that will assist in extending the machines life span.